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## Build
## Install
To install plug-in: add JAR to Eclipse dropins folder. If Eclipse won't show the plug-in start it with "eclipse -clean" to clean the plug-in cache.
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To install plug-ins:
- Download the [KiekerEclipsePlugin folder](
- Inside Eclipse go to Help -> Install New Software...
- Add to the *Work with* textbox the path to the local KiekerEclipsePlugin folder: `file/.../KiekerEclipsePlugin`
- Deselect *Group Items by categry*
- Select *Kieker Eclipse Plugin*
- Click *Next*, *Next*, accept the License Agreement and click Finish
- Wait... when a Security Warning appears due to *unsigned content* click ok
- Restart Eclipse by clicking *Yes*
- Both plug-ins are installed now!
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