Commit 8c56ed13 authored by Sören Henning's avatar Sören Henning

fixes wrong method call parameters

parent 27e7f5fc
......@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@ public class StorableAnomalyDetectionStage extends AnomalyDetectionStage {
public StorableAnomalyDetectionStage(final Duration slidingWindowDuration, final Duration normalizationDuration, final Aggregator aggregator,
final Forecaster forecaster, final StorageDriver storageDriver) {
super(new BoundedTimeSeries(slidingWindowDuration, storageDriver.retrieveTimeSeries("temp",,,
normalizationDuration, aggregator, forecaster); // TODO temp seriesID
super(new BoundedTimeSeries(slidingWindowDuration, storageDriver.retrieveTimeSeries(,,
normalizationDuration, aggregator, forecaster);
final StorageStage storageStage = new StorageStage(storageDriver);
super.connectPorts(super.getNewOutputPort(), storageStage.getInputPort());
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